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Why we are not a traditional accounting firm

Being in business is like a journey starting with going into business and ending up with your destination, selling up and retiring.

To get to your destination you need a map and a way of making sure you are keeping on track. Our job is to help you draw up the map and navigate your route.

Traditional accounting, by only concentrating on year end accounts and tax, fails to do that effectively.

Relying on traditional accounting is like driving your car using only your rear view mirror - you are only ever looking backwards when you should be looking forwards. To be successful you need to look ahead.

That’s why we concentrate on helping you see the road ahead and anticipating what’s coming up. Along the way we help you understand and act on what your car dashboard (your business monitoring system) is telling you. That way you successfully arrive at your destination, having had an enjoyable journey.

To deliver this we are focused on where you and your business are going to next – your future. That is what makes us different to traditional firms of accountants.

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